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The equation is very simple: put together technology, innovation, simplicity and design. You'll have 'Creative Services'.

This is our first attempt to transform an innovative idea into an online, user friendly and creative service.

We consider our vendors/ suppliers to a large extent our partners in our business, and this website we believe, will act as a useful portal to enhance our relationships, with our vendors/suppliers in the years to come. We wish to provide a platform for closer collaboration, which in turn would improve the supply chain linkages. Faster and improved communication, reliable real time information and ease of use, would result in better demand forecasting, faster order fulfillment, and improved service levels.

We look forward to the active support of all our vendors in making this portal a success.

Thank You.

Latest News

As a first, we have made available a simple, one page, online registration form, and request all our vendors/suppliers to kindly register themselves as soon as possible. Once most vendors have completed the registration process we will start the service of online purchase and pending orders, as the second step. With this service all purchase orders and pending orders will be available online to all vendors, for viewing, printing and subsequent action.

Your views and suggestions are valuable to us. Email us your feedback to vendor@dorabjees.com. Any feedback that will help to improve our website is appreciated.


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